Kickin' for Dad... or Uncle Jason & Aunt Casey

I finally felt it-- Karis kicked!!!!

I have to be honest and say that I was a little impatient and kinda forced it. But would you really expect any less from me? Let's just say my brother's saying about me growing up was "What Bec wants, Bec gets." I'm not saying it's a good sayin', I'm just saying that it fully defines my inability to embrace patience. :)

Last night I thought we'll maybe if I push around on my tummy some I can get her to kick. That's what my friends with bigger babies do, why not try it with my little one too. So I laid down and was really still, then pushed all over my belly.

I waited a few seconds then... tap. It was just like everyone had described: it's like someone gently tapping you on your skin with one finger.

Then I thought maybe it was just a weird gas bubble I'd never experienced. So I pushed again and again she gave me a little tap again!

Then later that night Chris bough home dinner and I had him bring me a coke since caffeine is the only thing I can take pregnant to relieve headaches. And she did it two more times independently (well independently with a jolt of caffeine and sugar)!!!

Oh my goodness it makes me laugh so much when she does it.

I figured Karis did this because she was so excited that yesterday was Aunt Casey's Birthday... and technically Chris' younger, twin brother's birthday since he lives in Australia (he was the big twin for a few hours-- isn't that funny?). And today is Chris' birthday.

If you want a really good laugh, you have to read my friend Cindy's blog about what she does when her baby kicks her: read here.