Killed A Bug with Her Bare Hands

If you follow me on Twitter you've already seen this, but it was worth documenting on this blog--

Yesterday I was doing something (for maybe half a second) and I looked down and Karis has her fist clinched tight and headed for her mouth (what she does when she finds something). Thankfully I caught it because this is what she had found:

(Side-note: I am so thankful for ABC Pest Control but I hate that after they come and lay the pesticide the bugs come inside to take their final breaths.)

Well Karis caught this one alive. And guess what she did? 

She killed it with her bare hands. 
Yes my daughter, killed a bug with her bare hands.

This just makes me laugh because, yet again, she is her mother's daughter. She may look just like her Daddy but, so far, she seems to have her Mama's personality. In our house, I am the one that kills the bugs and Chris is the one that runs away.

My husband is truly the most secure man I have EVER met. He has never once pretended to be someone he isn't. If you know him at all, you are smiling thinking of his total honest way of living. Seriously 95% of our "discussions" are about how he doesn't have to be THAT real with others. Anyway, so he isn't your typical guy. He loves sports, but it doesn't consume him. He prefers reading to watching TV. He works hard and is good at his job but isn't a workaholic. He prefers deep conversations to surface level. And if there is a bug, he is going to run away from it and let his wife kill it. Every. Single. Time.

OK truthfully we both run--  I run to go get a shoe and he runs to get a can of bug killer spray (which I refuse to let him spray all over our house). So I usually go crazy like a mad woman getting whatever bug happened to sneak in (seriously, I should do a video blog and reenact it for you sometime).

So what about you, what is your worst bug story? I'll share mine in the comments. Prepare to have the hibbie-jibbies.