The Kisers and Their Cardinals

If you have met any of the Kiser men (all pictured below), it won't take too long into the conversation to realize what is one of their true loves in all of life.

Cardinal Baseball.

Don't get me wrong.
They are family men.
And they love Jesus.
But just next to that is their love* for the Cardinals.
(*love can also be read obsession)

I have to admit it was one of the first things that endeared me to Chris. I'm a sucker for passionate people. There is nothing more unattractive in a person than someone who just floats through life.

One problem: I grew up an Astros fan.

I didn't really have a choice at first. My brother was obsessed with Nolan Ryan and our family went to the Astrodome as often as most families go to the grocery store. I quickly learned all the players by name, got the rules down quick and loved to track the game in my game booklet.

So I was faced with a dilemma: hold strong to my Astros past or embrace the Cardinals.

Well, it's official: I'm a Cardinals fan. Through and through. And we are committed in brainwashing... I mean, raising Karis to cheer for them as well. Our little girl will be dressed in outfits like this next year:

One more thing that shouldn't be ignored...

This past week was a moment Cardinals fans will not be forgetting for some time. My husband and his family have used more cell phone minutes and logged on to Skype more than I anticipate happening on Karis' birthday (I'm only half kidding).

Why you ask? Well there was a MAJOR fight on Tuesday night. Let's just say, the Cardinals weren't affected. Actually that's a lie. The Reds will always regret the night they made the Cardinals even hotter.

*Watch this video. Excitement like this doesn't happen often in baseball (but you have to wait till about a minute in). But mute your computer there is loud, angry music.

To further prove my point, Chris' dad splurged on a really fun grooms cake at our wedding. Of course it was a Cardinal's jersey. And of course it had every single thing the Cardinals have EVER won listed. And no, my husband didn't need a list, he quoted it to the baker by memory.

The Kiser Men: (from left to right) Colton (Chris' little bro), Chris, Kurt (or Karis' Kuku), Papaw Kiser, Jason (Chris' Twin Bro... yes ladies, he is single, lives in Australia and can make any day better and any moment more fun. It's a gift. And I will take your applications if you are interested in becoming a Mrs. Kiser too, but warning: Karis and I are very picky and protective of Uncle Jason.)