Labor & Delivery: Take One

Just like Karis tried coming at 34 weeks (see her story here), Moriah is following in her big sister's footsteps and trying to come too early (I'm 33 weeks).

First, in my defense, I need to say something because I'm about to sound like a total idiot. I've been having contractions (just mild Braxton Hicks) since I was about 13 weeks along. Each appointment I bring it up with my doc and give him the most recent update on how frequent they are. Each time he says he isn't worried. They've been coming about every 10-15 minutes, are mild and irregular and will even taper off. My doc has always said that if they get more than 8-10 an hour then to call in but otherwise he isn't worried. Remember all that every time you think I'm an idiot. 

On Saturday morning I woke up at 4am for my every hour and a half trip to go to the ladies room and I just couldn't fall back asleep. Contractions were far apart (10 or so minutes) but were stronger than they've ever been. So I decided to take advantage of 4 hours with no toddler and a hubby asleep. I got so much nesting done!

But I thought nothing of the stronger contractions since my doc has been telling me all along that he's not worried as long as I'm not having more than 8-10 an hour. And it didn't seem like that many. So I went on with my day. 

Then we had a nice family morning at home. Then around 11am I went off to do some shopping. Since my contractions hadn't really slowed down and were seeming stronger than usual (hurt when I walked and was making me short of breath and hot), I brought along some ice water (which I'd been chugging like crazy all morning).

Again, I thought nothing of it since my doc has been telling me all along that he's not worried as long as I'm not having more than 8-10 an hour. And it didn't seem like that many. So I went on with my day. 

After that I met up my friend who's getting married this weekend and I'm doing her makeup, so we headed to the MAC (makeup) store. I kept telling her and our other friend how these contractions were strong but went on with our ladies afternoon.

Still, I thought nothing of it since my doc has been telling me all along that he's not worried as long as I'm not having more than 8-10 an hour. And it didn't seem like that many. So I went on with my day. 

But on the way home I noticed how they seemed really close. I wasn't watching the clock but I was counting the contractions and I realized I had at least 6 on the way home. I live less than 30 minutes from the Galleria, that adds up to every 5 minutes.

This time I finally thought something might be up.

So I told Chris, I needed to lay on my side and chug ice water and time these contractions.

I was SHOCKED when the first few contractions said they were 3-4 minutes apart and lasting 1- 1 1/2 minutes long. As soon as I confessed this to Chris he changed his clothes and Karis' and said let's go to the hospital.

Idiot moment #499874 of the day. I laughed at him and said that my doc said it needed to be more than 10 in the hour... so let's wait till I have 10. Poor guy he was pacing all around. And I would tell him between contractions, "Things are fine! All they are going to tell me is to stay on my side, empty my bladder and chug water. Then they'll just have me call back a few hours after that and report in again. There is no need to worry."

So finally I called the doc and was told to come straight to Labor and Delivery and not to waste much time. I asked if I could at least get my parents to come watch Karis. They didn't recommend it. Thankfully our friends Mik & Erin had showed up just as I was getting off the phone. Poor things, they were dropping off their kid for a date night. So they ended up staying and we ended up heading to the hospital. (Big thank you to Jen who came and took their place and took care of both our kids!)

That ride was surreal. We were calling and texting our family and closet friends so they could be praying. I played some of the songs that ministered to me during my pregnancy with Karis. We prayed. We laughed. And we pulled up to the hospital. On the elevator ride up we laughed so hard because the only thing we've done to prepare for Moriah is decorate the room and wash and hang up all of Karis' old clothes. We have nothing else ready.

Now for some good news...

We got all hooked up and monitored, examined and such and we waited to see what the doctor thought. After an hour or so they hooked me up to an IV and gave me the beloved shot to stop labor. They monitored me for a couple more hours to make sure that stopped things. It did.

One interesting thing both the nurse and doctor said independent of one another was how active this little girl is! The nurse even had to manually hold the monitor on my belly (we ended up taking turns) because she would move around between each contraction. And we thought Karis was going to be our most intense kid!

The most hilarious moment of the entire time was when the doctor came in to get my full story. I won't repeat it again for you, but after hearing each part of my day she said, "And you still didn't feel like you should've stopped what you were doing?" I kept telling her how my doc said I didn't need to limit my activity. And then she kept responding the same way.

Finally I told her, while laughing, "Feel free to judge me. I can hear myself right now and I totally get that I sound like an idiot. I just didn't realize how close together they were getting. All I've heard is I didn't need to take it easy and what I was dealing with was normal."

So I'm on bedrest for now. I am allowed to get up to use the restroom, eat and shower but that's it.

I feel like I'm in time out.

But more than anything I am beyond grateful that the Lord has provided medicine to keep our sweet girl baking a while longer.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow to see what next steps are. I am SO hoping he releases me from bedrest since I'm in a wedding this weekend and desperately want to go to my Mamaw & Papaw's house for Thanksgiving. I plan on pointing out to him that it will be way more relaxing there than at home. Not to mention that this preggy girl has been so looking forward to being pregnant on Thanksgiving day!