Labor & Delivery: Take Two

For those that want the bottom line: You aren't getting it. This is a fun story. Read the last paragraph if you want the final outcome (hint: there are no newborn pics of Karis in this blog). ;)

Very early on Monday morning I started having contractions.

Y'all, don't think I'm weird but I was SO excited! I had been really wondering what they felt like and was a little jealous of all those Braxton Hicks mommas out there.

Don't judge me. I've never once claimed to be normal.

Oh did I mention that we were in Odessa, TX? Yes, Odessa, in west Texas. VERY west Texas. Like a 10 hour drive from Houston.

So back to the day. The contractions continued and I noticed that I was having a contraction at each hole. What hole you ask? 18 holes of golf. Don't worry, I was just the golf cart driver. But I noticed that contractions were coming about every 15 minutes.

It's a good thing I'm not dramatic, huh? ;)

And just because my hubs is so cute, here is one of him dominating the course:

I was so excited. Still oblivious.

Then after more than 7 hours of contractions coming every 15 minutes I texted my friend just to make sure that this was normal at 34 1/2 weeks preggers.

It wasn't. Oh.

I decided to call the OB just to let them know, but I still wasn't worried. They were closed but I could call the on call doc if it "this was an emergency or I was in labor."

One problem: I wasn't sure. I didn't want to be that person. You know those people that call the doc every time anything happens. So I decided to lay down and take a nap and chug water to see if they'd go away. 3 hours later they hadn't. They were coming about every 12 minutes at this point.

So I called the on call doc and they said...

"Go straight to Labor and Delivery."

Why was I surprised again to hear these words? Y'all, I really had no idea it was that serious. I honestly had been really excited that I was progressing and having contractions. I thought that was a good sign. I have so many friends that have to be induced because they don't have contractions at 41 weeks.

I was wrong.

"Oh Doc did I mention I'm in Odessa?" Thankfully, the doc said the hour flight home to Odessa wasn't a big deal and gave me permission to fly home. But that I still had to, "Go straight to L&D as soon as we landed." Do not go home. Do not pass go. Do not collect $100.

On the way I blasted my favorite songs this pregnancy: "Healer" by Kari Jobe, "Strong in the Lord" by the Smith Band, and "You are the One" by Paul Baloche. I felt ready for whatever the Lord had for us. There was a real sense of peace in that moment.

But it was so surreal walking into L&D not knowing if we'd walk out later that night after getting examined or walking out a few days later with our daughter!

They were ready and waiting for us. I love Women's Hospital because they have one nurse for every patient, so Julie was waiting for us and already knew everything on my chart and computer file. Within 5 minutes I was hooked up to fetal heart monitors, contraction monitors, had my temp taken, blood pressure and pulse hooked up, peed in a cup, had blood drawn and then she gave me... The Exam.

If you've had a child or been to the OB late in pregnancy you know what The Exam is. Let's just say that this nurse wasn't gentle and I was ready for my epidural after that one exam. I'm not even being dramatic. Chris was afraid watching it all occur.

Karis was doing perfect and we loved being able to hear her heartbeat! The nurse was so in love with her heart rhythm and the fluctuations of it-- she said and I quote: "Wow, she has a beautiful rhythm" (with a fascinated look on her face as she just stared at the monitor). For some reason, that made me really proud of our little girl.

My contractions were coming a little more often than before-- now every 8 minutes! The nurse confirmed that it was good I came in. I felt relieved. I was so certain that I'd get there and they'd tell me it was just gas or something ridiculous like that.

The OB on call came in and I LOVED her (reason #647,393,393 to go to OGA). She said that we were going to monitor things for an hour or so and wait for tests to come back. Then after that we'd make a call on next steps. Also, they decided to hook me up to IV Fluids to help with and/or rule out dehydration.

After an hour or so, contractions had slowed down some, but not gone away (which is also fairly normal occurrence just arriving at L&D). All labs came back normal. So what was the next step?

PUSH! Just kidding.

She gave me a shot to stop the contractions. Also said to take it easy, not bed rest, just limited activity. I also need to drink lots and lots of water (the more water the better to ward of contractions). She checked me one last time-- wow what a difference! I didn't even feel it when the OB did it. She said I was 50% effaced but still 0 dilated. So labor hadn't progressed even though I was till having contractions-- which is a good sign.

We want Karis to at least make it to 37 weeks. After talking to my OB today that is our goal right now. Once we get that we will see. Of course, with all that's happened I keep thinking there is no way she'll make it to her due date. But then watch her come 2 weeks late. Yet another lesson in parenting that things are out of my control in so many ways now.

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