Let's hear it for the boys!

By boys I really mean men. Today I got to work about 30 minutes early (7:30am). My heart was flooded with thankfulness as I saw men pouring out of our church. Every Thursday a group of men get here for Bible study (before my alarm has even gone off) to learn how to be godly men. They study the Bible, they pray and they share openly with one another. I sat in my car for a while looking at the doors to our church open and men were leaving. I watched men, brothers in the Lord, hug each other good bye. I love when men are men enough to show they care for each other.

The best part of all was when my man stepped out of those doors. I am so proud of him for going there each morning. We have date night on Wednesday nights, so I know he is really tired the next day. But he does it any way. I AM PROUD OF MY MAN!!

I think we (as women) tend to not let our men lead. We are impatient by nature so we look around and say, “We’ll he’s not doing it, so I’m going to.” And we’ve not waited long enough. We need to encourage our men to lead, and the best way to do that is to stop being the leaders ourselves!

Also, I think we need to give more credit to those men that are leading. There is a stereotype that men don’t lead. Even at my church, which is the home to one of the best female bible study teachers in the world, we have men that lead strong. They are present in their families and in their church and love Jesus with all they have!