Life with Dr. Jan: Camping Indoors

Waiting for my Mom to pick me up from school as a little girl I would stand, in my navy blue culottes and white button up shirt with my private school's patch on my pocket. Many of my friends were picked up by their Moms driving suburbans, a few picked up by their nannies and one friend picked up by her chauffeur (either driving a Bentley or the family limo). My mom sported our trusted family car: a Plymouth Horizon.

I wasn't embarrassed by this at all. My friends had their lives (and I'm sure it was a good one for them), but my life was different and I liked it that way.

You see that Plymouth Horizon was a vehicle for so many family adventures. For example, one summer my mom loaded herself, my brother (7), me (5) and a months worth of whatever we would need and we drove all the way to Canada and back. Yes, Canada. Yes, drove (2,200 miles of open road).

Well on some days I'd climb in the backseat of that car after school and Mom tell us about an adventure we would go on that day. Not Canada, but somewhere else we'd have to use our imaginations for.

That night we were going camping inside our very own house!

These were my favorite days in the carpool lane. My absolute favorite days.

On the way home Mom would go over all the ground rules-- just like we are camping. So that means no touching the light switches, open the windows for air, cook dinner and breakfast on the camping stove, lantern for light, picnic style dinner on the living room floor...

You can just imagine what a fun adventure that was for me as a little girl (especially since I was one of those weird girls that loved the city but loved me some outdoors too).

Well the story changed once I got older.

One day I was sharing with my Mom about how much I loved those days and how they were my favorite days. She said, "They were my least favorite days."

I was stunned. My mom loved camping and we always had fun during our camping indoors nights.

She said that the reason why we camped indoors wasn't because it was a fun adventure but because we had no choice-- the electricity had been cut off. Talk about making the most of a situation.

What about you? What's one of your favorite memories/adventures as a child?