Life with Dr. Jan: GMA Blind Date

The year before I met Chris my mom was getting a bit apprehensive that I was still single (someone should have told her I was just 23). Anyway that's a whole other blog post about mothers and their obsessions with our future.

Back to my mom, on Sundays she would call me with advice.
What kind of advice you ask? How to get a man advice.
Here is my favorite one: "Becky, why don't you start hitting up a different church on Sunday mornings (I went to night church at Houston's First). That way you can expand your network of single Christian guys. Any denomination will be fine." Gotta love that while my mom isn't a Christian, she tries to work with in my lifestyle.

So that gives you a brief context of how focused she was on ending my singleness. So now for the day that she went too far...

Karley and I were house sitting when I got the call.  And it went something like this:

(ring... ring... ring..)
Me: "Hello?"
Mom: "Promise me you won't be mad at me."
Me: "What did you do?"
Mom: "First promise me you won't be mad."
Me: "I'm not going to do that. What did you do?"
Mom: "So the other day I was watching Good Morning America and there was this really cute segment on. There were these two guys that are shooting a documentary on the secrets to a lasting love interviewing couples who have been married for 50 plus years."
Me: "OK. I'm not mad at you for watching that."
Mom: "Well, that's not all..."
Me: "Mom, what did you do?"
Mom: "Well one of the guys was really cute and he said he was single and he talked about God. And the whole time I was thinking that he would be so perfect for you."
Me (thinking to myself): Thank you Lord this guy was on TV and not within earshot of my mom or else this would be embarrassing.
Mom: "And guess what? At the end of the segment on the screen they had their website listed. So I thought what could it hurt to go check him out." (side-note: it's a miracle she was even able to get this far-- my mom has dial up internet still and calls Chris weekly for computer advice.)
Me: "What did you do?"
Mom: "Well on the website was their tour schedule and I noticed that they'd be in Houston soon."
Me: "Mom I'm not going to go stalk this guy down and find him on his tour."
Mom: "Well... I emailed him. I didn't even think he'd respond but guess what? He did! I told him all about you and he said he would like to meet you."
Me: "MOM, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Not gonna happen. That is so awkward."
Mom: "Well, it might be too late because I already gave him your number and he is going to call you tonight, but he said I had to call you first and tell you."

Yes my mother saw a cute guy on Good Morning America that said things about God and really thought that we would be perfect for one another, stalked him down on his website, emailed back and forth, and gave him my phone number. All of this seemed completely and logically rational to her.

So what did I do?

Well he did call. It was mildly awkward but he did seem nice enough. He was doing the tour filming with his best friend and grandma. I figured it was safe enough and took two of my girlfriends (Amy and Sarah) and met him up for dinner and we toured their bus and watched some of the footage. It was a fun adventure, but needless to say, it wasn't a love connection.

Check back in for the next blog post on the mom series: "Life with Jan: Camping indoors." This one isn't quite as funny, but, in my opinion, quite inspiring on how you can make lemonade from lemons.