Little Smokies

It happend for the first time today... little smokies!! I don't know what it's officially called but since I was a little girl this is what I called them. You know when it so cold/cool outside that you can see your breath!!! It happend this morning. Faint. But it happened. I noticed the car driving by as I walked to my car and I could see smoke coming from their exhuast pipe. So with all the hope I could muster I exhaled. IT WAS THERE! LITTLE SMOKIES!!! :)

I was over joyed! I hoped in my car put my seat warmers on and listened to our new Christmas accoustic CD on the way to work!

Side Note: I know you think I'm crazy (as usual), but little smokies were a big deal in our house growing up. My dad wasn't an overly strict dad but he had ground rules. Don't lie (that was the biggest one), don't say "I need ____" when really you just want, don't say "hate," stop hitting nils (my brother, I struggled with that one), don't whine (I struggled with that one too), don't be bossy (oops!) ... and no fire in the fire place or dogs in the house. BUT if we were able to see our breath then it was cold enough to have a fire that night and let the dogs sleep inside with us (meaning in my bed)! So as a little girl I would run outside and pray that I could see my breath every morning! Too bad I grew up in Houston and was disappointed most mornings. ;)