The Mafia and Me

A year after we moved in we found out that we lived next door and across the street from the mafia.

No I didn't misspell anything, you read that right the M-A-F-I-A! Not just any regular Mafia member either, the Captain.

So as soon as I heard that I FREAK OUT and immediately told Chris we had to put our house on the market and move as far away as possible. Of course I totally played into the fear and did way too much internet research. Sidenote: if you ever find out you live by the mafia, don't do that-- statistics aren't comforting.

Well after we considered moving, we really felt like we needed to stay in this house a while longer. It's kind of crazy but we were actually safer being next-door-neighbors with the captain of the mafia-- no one messes with him or his area.

But recently I started getting a little nervous. I'm leaving my job in a month and I'll be at home during the day a lot more by myself. Fear was starting to really play into my life again.

But guess what?

THE MAFIA IS MOVING... actually they got evicted (brave landlord).

Is that so the Lord or what?! Love it.