Making Memories with Karis

Things I love about Karis:

• Kisses, fist bumps and hugs at bedtime. Last night she kissed my fists when I went to give her fist bumps. Hopefully she won't be getting in fights anytime soon.

• Praying over her every night I get to rock her.

• Her go, go, go personality. She is showing signs of having the ability to retain information and focus on multiple projects in a span of an hour. This skill will come in handy one day.

• Cuddling on my shoulder. This happens when she doesn't want to go to bed or if I ask her to when she's sleepy. Is there a better feeling than this?

• How she loves her Mom. When driving home last night I had to tell her Mom went to go get dinner probably 30 times. She was concerned she wasn't with us. "Where'd Mommy go?"

• Her strong-willed personality. I LOVE THIS! She's independent and tenacious. This makes for difficult parenting moments at times, but brings so much more joy than it robs. I love her character and personality.

• She has the Mom gene. She pats her baby on the back, shh's it to sleep, covers it with a blanket, feeds it a bottle (mustard bottle, but hey it's all we have!) and takes it on stroller rides. She does this with real babies too.

• Interacts with books at night time and makes faces on command.

• Does "no hands" flips on the couch before age 2. Either she's a gymnast or has no fear. I admire this because neither one describes me.

I love my girl. I'm beyond excited that she's mine and that God chose to place her in our family. Keep growing and learning baby... your Mom and I have the best seat in the house.