Manicures and Sassy Face

Every Monday since Karis was born we do manicures. Some kids can go weeks without having to cut their nails, not Karis. It must be done every week or she will scratch herself up and everyone around her.

But this past week y'all, guess what I got to add into manicure time???

Look at these sweet sparkly toes!!!

And these sweet sparkly fingers!!!

And this girl doesn't sit still for much of anything these days. Taking pictures is a near impossible task. BUT this girl LOVES all things girly. I mean truly loves them with no prompting from us. So when I pulled out the nail polish and started putting it on she sat so still and just put her hands out. She watched me blow on them and she started blowing on them. And then I showed her how to look at them by holding her hands out. She was in total love. 

And just for fun I thought I'd include this picture. We've been playing at home with facial expressions. "What's a happy face?" "Can you do a sad face?" "What about a kissy face?"

But this face is her favorite to do. It's called the "stink face."

She looks like a total mobster here but I promise she is sweet as can be. Sweet and oh so sassy!