Mar Photo Challenge: Days 1 - 7

Have you signed up for the March Photo Challenge with FatMumSlim? I can't encourage you to do it enough! You can post pics on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or just take them for yourselves. I have loved looking at life from a different angel each day. 

Day 1: Up

Karis has started putting her arms UP and saying, "Hold you... Hold you..." Oh it is just too sweet! She even did it during time out the other day and I just about lost it. 

I kid you not she pulled half of these clothes UP off the rack and then carried them around Carter's like they were her purse. She's a natural stylist (which I'm sure shocks you) and has a very clear opinion of what she likes. I'd hold something up and ask her if she liked it and she would tell me, "No-no-no" or "Yesh" (her new way of saying yes went from "ya" to "yesh"). 

Day 2: Fruit

Karis might be a vegetarian. We easily go through this much fruit in a week plus a carton of blueberries and strawberries and a bundle of bananas (or as she says, "nanas"). 

Day 3: Your neighborhood

I wouldn't ever post my neighborhood on here, but this was at a neighborhood park. Karis LOVES animals. One of her favorite pups in Jade Ramsey (sweetest black lab on the planet). Karis loves to give her tickles and play chase. And thankfully Jade always obliges. 

Day 4: Bedside

Yes we've lived here for 5 months and I still don't have prints in any of our new frames. Why do I procrastinate on the things that would make me so happy? 

Day 5: A smile

A few of my favorite smiles from this past week...

Karis after trying on her Easter dress. She's so on the move that it is just impossible to get a non-blurry pic of this girl. 
Chris after dominating the softball fields. Seriously it's ridiculous how good he is at everything. 
Karis finally learned to climb up on our oversized furniture. This was after the first time it happened. She was so proud of herself. She hasn't stopped climbing since then. I'm afraid she might work off that Buddha belly now. :(

I'm not above bribing... I mean positively reinforcing my child. Wink. We've started giving stamps here and there for really good behavior. She earned this one for not throwing a fit when getting her diaper changed. I don't know what her deal is but since she was an infant she has hated getting her diaper changed and becomes a bunking bronco! And yes she likes them on her belly. 

Day 6: 5pm

We usually go on our porch that faces our courtyard (love having someone else do the landscaping) while we wait for Daddy to come home. Karis loves to watch people walk the dogs and checks the door often to see if "Dada Dada Dada" is home. 

And if it it's been a really long day then I stalk Houston Real Time Traffic to see how much longer it might take Chris to get home. 

Day 7: Something you wore

I wore it as a kid and then we brought it back this week-- some true 80s fashion: 

I helped throw a surprise 80s themed birthday party for a friend this past week. This is me and my girl. I had a Madonna outfit picked out for her, but she was a little freaked out by all the costumes that I ended up just keeping her in her 80s play clothes for setting up. 
I picked a good man, didn't I? 
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