March Photo Challenge: Days 15-21

You can still join in on March's FatMumSlim's Photo Challenge here or get ready for April's. This can be done on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or just for your own eyes. But I challenge you to do it. Most all of us have phones and can easily take pictures that simply. Do yourself a favor and capture the details of your day. You will treasure these little memories of your life. The prim and polished and photoshopped is nice, but it's not real every day life. Capture those.

Day 15: Car

We went to the park this day with one of Karis' favorite friends, "Ev-it" (or Everett DuBroc). They are really funny because Karis is just getting to the age to really be playing with other kids, and Everett is so boy (on the move). It's the sweetest thing when he slows his constant run down to hold hands with Karis. But I assure you this above placement only lasted for a moment. 

Day 16: Sunglasses

Karis has been really into wearing her sunglasses these days. I know this will really surprise you to hear that she usually puts them on top of her head to be more like a headband.

Day 17: Green

This was her St. Patty's Day outfit. The shirt looks yellow here, but is really more of an lime green. She woke up that morning feeling lucky and got to spend the whole morning with her GPa. But when she woke up (rather I woke her up) from her nap, she was a cranky little girl. So we had quite a moody little girl at the softball field to cheer on dad!

Day 18: A Corner of Your Home

This is one of my new favorite corners of our house. I have played around with the arrangement of our living and dining areas, trying to get the right flow that maximizes the space but still feels like my style (does that make sense?). Anyone else a chronic re-arranger? Anyway, one day while cleaning I moved the table and buffet like this and loved it. So it's stuck!

Day 19: Funny

Oh wow, this morning (and every time she feeds herself) she was a funny girl. The pediatrician said we needed to be working on eating with a spoon and a fork, and just embrace the mess as she learns. That's so hard for both Chris and I. But Karis loves the independence and if we try to feed her now she gets really angry because Miss Independent wants to do it.

She has lately become really obsessed with bonking heads with me. What's really funny about this is I've always done this to my mom any time she tried to hug me. Pay back.

Day 20: Before / After

I have had these urns empty since Christmas. I have been wanting to buy some plants but just haven't made the time. So when I bought some Easter decorations I thought it would be fun to spruce those up.

Day 21: Delicious

Chris' birthday is Friday, but I believe in celebrating birthdays all week long (let's be honest, I would celebrate it all month long if I could still get away with that as an adult). So I decided last night I would make him a layered strawberry with cream cheese icing cake. Problem: I've never done a layer cake. And removing an entire cake from a cake pan isn't easy. So it become a tiered cake since I lost part of the second layer. And I'm going to add another coat of icing today, but I had just had it with the baking last night. My Mother-in-Law got a peek at it on Skype and reassured me that the funniest looking cakes taste the best. So hoping that's true here!!

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