March Photo Challenge: Days 8-14

I know I say it every time but I LOVE the March Photo Challenge with FatMumSlim. Seriously, if you aren't doing it, get on it friends! 

I've been SOOOOOOOO sick this week, so forgive the lack of creativity for these posts. :)

Day 8: Window

Although it looks dark in this picture, it is my favorite thing about our new home-- this wall of windows! It makes me beyond happy to open them in the morning and have all that natural light flooding in. 

Day 9: Red

Being sick the past week I have two major red things to thank...

My meds for making it all better.
And Elmo for entertaining my girl!

Day 10: Loud

I say this is a very loud morning hair statement. 

Day 11: Someone You Talked to Today

(I promise, I do put clothes on my child... most days. She had just had a really messy snack so we took off her shirt.)

Day 12: Fork

I forgot to take a picture of a fork today, but I did happen to snap this pic of her in Chris' shoes. Which, let's be honest, is way cuter than a fork.

Day 13: A Sign

This photo challenge inspired my journal time this morning. And I begged God with confidence to give us a sign for something we've been praying about.

Day 14: Clouds

This was actually taken a couple of days ago. It was my first time to get out of the house since being sick. We headed to a fun park by the house and since it was warm enough we let Karis play in the splash pad. Yes I was totally that white trash mom that let their kid play in a diaper and capris. She loved it and we couldn't stop laughing. 

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