Midlife Crisis or Hero?

I have to brag on my dad for a minute.

My dad stopped going to college when he was just 30 hours or so shy from a degree. From what I understand the company he was working for at the time wanted him to finish, but because he was so good at what he did, they looked the other way when he put family and work ahead of school.

So my dad put his dreams on the backburner in order to make my dreams and my brother’s dreams come true. My parents divorced when I was just a little girl. It would have been so easy for my dad to do what most dad’s do—check out and maybe send a check here and there to appease. Not my dad, he was so involved in our life. He was at all my games, came to lunches with me, took me places, coached my sports teams, and tried to appreciate the “specialness” in me. :) He was not just a good dad, he was a present dad.

He worked hard at his job and became quite successful at it. What I am most proud of is that he would sacrifice a sell or a client if it meant he’d have to sacrifice his integrity. He didn’t ever take short cuts. He was remarkable.

On top of that he always served in our church. His passion is people and teaching. He has a way with connecting with people (probably why he was so good at sales)—he could talk to a tree for days if we let him. He taught bible studies and Sunday school, volunteered with the youth group, sang in the choir and so much more. He always felt a calling to ministry but he wanted to provide a good life for us.

My parents paid for everything growing up—school, car, clothing, surgeries (12 surgeries and multiple hospital stays and home health care adds up)… if you saw it, it was paid for by them. They wanted to make sure I started life out solid. Some might say I was spoiled but they also made sure that I appreciated what had been given. They weren’t afraid to “spare the rod” if I wasn’t appreciative or obedient. They loved us as hard as they could.

Well my brother and I are both graduated now and both married, so my dad quit his job in sales and went back to school! He just received his diploma.

He is now a pastor at Splendora United Methodist and is attending seminary. Another thing that I think is pretty awesome is he substitute teaches in Splendora so he can build relationships with the kids out there.

He taught us with his words and action that it is so important to do something you really enjoy. Life is too short to sacrifice it to make money or get to the top (unless that is something you really love). Find something you love and do it. Don’t let pride tell you that you can’t or that your chance passed. My dad is 50 and starting a new dream.

Some people might call all of this a midlife crisis, but if that is true, then I pray that every one has a midlife crisis like my dad.

I am so proud of you! I love you dad!!

*FYI: none of this would have been possible if my stepmom, Robin, wasn’t willing to make lots of sacrifices financially too. She too went back to school—in fact we walked on the same day! Now she is in law school. I have some fantastic parents!