Moms Needed: How to go to the Crib?

We want to transition Karis to the crib and out of the bassinet in our room.

It's time.
She turns 4 weeks tomorrow.
And Mommy and Daddy want their room back.

For those of you that have done this before or have heard tips from other Moms, please send me any recommendations for how to make this work!

She just doesn't really like her crib. She'll stay asleep for like 45 minutes. Which isn't a big deal when I put her down for naps (which we've done since day one). But that doesn't work for me at night since she sleeps for 6 hours straight now. I do not want to lose that gift. I'd rather her sleep in our room for the rest of her life. I'm half kidding.

So please help this mom that is desperate to have some adults only space back in her house.