Moms: Advice Needed!!

So as I enter the second trimester it's starting... I'm making my list and checking it twice. I thought registering for our wedding was a lot of work, but a baby is SO MUCH MORE. Now you have to think about safety and all that, not just about what looks cute.

So I have the book Baby Bargains, bless those people that wrote it. But I STILL NEED YOUR HELP!

What are things that we absolutely have to get?
Like you wouldn't make it through your day without them.

What are things that are so overrated?
Like you wish you had been given a gift receipt so you could exchange them for diapers.

Alright for all you moms that are dying to share your tips, please please please feel free to go for it here. If you don't want to comment, but would be willing to share me your recommendations, email me at