Moriah is coming soon!

We went to the doctor yesterday and I'm progressing really well. Since I never progressed with Karis, even with tons of contractions, this is a big step! Basically in a week of being flipped head down this girl has gotten me a third of the way there in dilation and half way there effaced. So we will just keep waiting on these contractions to do their thing!

If she doesn't come by NEXT Thursday, December 27th, then I will be induced. However, my doc said that inductions during the holidays really aren't guaranteed. Since hospitals won't induce on holidays a weeks worth of inductions are being crammed in a few days. So we will see...

How will we announce when we are in labor and when she comes? 

With social media being the easiest way to get out info, we will prob send that out first. We will try to follow up as soon as we can with texts and emails to friends and then hoping on the blog too. But it's just easier to announce it on Facebook and Twitter to get the word to everyone quickly without having to be on our phones for a bunch of calls and texts (hate how group texting works now).

So if you aren't following us already, be sure to friend and follow both Chris and I to keep up with the latest on Baby Girl Moriah Pearl Kiser:

Becky's Facebook:

Becky's Twitter:

Chris' Facebook:

Chris' Twitter:

And there are several other family members you could follow for fun. I'm sure they will be doing some sort of live feed from the waiting room:

My Dad, Greg Smith: Twitter and Facebook
My Brother, Nils Smith: Twitter and Facebook
My Sister-in-Law, Katie Smith: Facebook

I'd include others but let's be honest, it's a miracle they even have a Facebook account. ;)

SO very excited to meet our sweet girl!

Karis is waking up each morning asking if Moriah is coming out of Mommy's tummy today? And then proceeds to tell me all she wants to do when she does come out. It is beyond adorable!