Moriah's Newborn Pictures

Check out our sweet girl's newborn pictures...

This pic was taken for my Mom. And was intended to make her laugh with joy and cry with sentiment, because well that's just not hard to do. Wink. This quilt was sown by my great-grandmother, Moriah's great-great-grandmother (who Karis' and I both share a middle name in honor of her, Jannette). And the gown Moriah is wearing is the gown that I wore home from the hospital and so did Karis. 

This is my Bible from college when I first read about Moriah in Genesis 22:2. It's the story of when God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, the son he had waited for. And then the Lord provided a ram in his place. When I read this, after all my health issues and being told back then that I'd struggle to have kids of my own, I knew if I had a baby girl I would name her Moriah, God has provided. 

Thank you so much Fish Lips Photography! We LOVE them!