Morning Sickness: Blessing & A Curse

So one of the first questions people ask me is: "So how have you been feeling?"

The honest answer: "Sick as a dog! But couldn't be more thrilled to be so sick!" It's true too.

When I was just 5 1/2 weeks along is when the nausea started. I remember Chris and I had "discussions" about whether or not this was morning sickness. He was adamant that morning sickness is only morning sickness if you (sorry if you have a weak stomach) throw up. At the time I was very strong willed to say that the nausea I was feeling still counted.

Oh if only that was it.

About my 7th week on the plane ride back from Christmas in Odessa, it decided to take it up a level... twice.

After that me and my toilet became best friends, meeting regularly each morning. It started getting so bad the doc insisted it was time to get on some meds (I was loosing too much weight and couldn't eat at all). So I conceded and relief came instantly. While I was/am still nauseous in the mornings, I have kept everything down for 3 straight weeks (with the random exception of today-- hence the blog).

So, why do you ask is this a blessing?

I love that I am a part of a community (at Houston's First) that is so open about infertility and miscarriage. However, being pregnant I have really struggled with fear. What if it happens to me too? Of course we trust God and His will for our baby's life, but still I want that life to include many many years here. At this stage in pregnancy you don't feel kicks each day to reassure you all is well. So the assurance comes, well, in hanging your head over the toilet each day.

On that note, I ask today that you will pray for two of my friends that are struggling with infertility. This week is a big week in their journey. It's their journey, so I don't want to list names, but please pray for a miracle in their lives this week! Also, be praying for any friends/family in your life that are struggling through infertility. It's a process that we expected to face, but still can't fathom the deep pain that it brings.