A Must Buy for Babies (4&younger)

If you are a Mom or Dad, Aunt or Uncle, Grandma or Grandpa, or simply a lover of babies in general, then I have the best recommendation for you. Get ready. Are you ready?

What are things every little kid loves? 
Media (of course, what is it about the glow of the TV), music (is it just my child that becomes a different person if there is music playing?), art, other kids, animals (both stuffed and real)... I could go on and on.

Well I was given the best gift the other day and it includes all of these things.
And guess what, the best part is that it only costs $10-20 (hello, world's best kid's birthday gift)!

BabyWorship "Mighty God" CD & DVD

Reasons why I love both the CD and DVD:
*The music really is amazing. I have to be honest and say that I just haven't been a huge fan of the baby music stuff that is out there. Yes, Karis likes it, but when I think about having to listen to that sound for the next 10 years, I start getting grey hairs. Star Smith is the lead vocal and if you've ever heard her before you know why this CD is on repeat in our car and DVD in our house.

*The DVD videos are so great and truly not like what I have seen before. It is appealing to kids and parents. They incorporate all aspects of worship-- music, art, creation/nature, animals, other kids,... it really is so well put together!

*And last but not least, their name, Touch the World Media, is true. They literally give away 50% of what they make to World Vision, Blood: Water Mission, and 10/40 Connections. That, my friends, is unparalleled and needs to be supported.

Remember how I told you it was ridiculously affordable?
Well that is because the CD only costs $10, the DVD $15 and the combo of both is only $20!

You can purchase them at www.touchtheworldmedia.com 
or if you are a member at Houston's First, they sell both in Corner Books.