Must Have Recipes!

I have never been a kitchen inclined lady.

I want to be. I really really do. But my parents ruined me and trained me very well on eating out.

Given that my husband refers to Dave Ramsey on a first name basis, that just doesn't work so well with our budget. Plus, I really do want to cook. Honestly, when I try, I usually like it better when I do it myself (note: I said usually).

So with that said the hubs was listening to Dave the other day and he was highly recommending this recipe website. The catch: it's $5/month. When Chris told me about it I honestly didn't even want to check it out. Why would you pay $5/mn when you can access countless and countless websites for free any time you want.

But I checked it out and I thought what could it hurt to try for 3 months.

I always want to try new things, but I can spend hours searching for the perfect recipe and looking online everywhere and then putting together those all together for a full weeks menu. For me I have to mix it up-- I love all different kinds of food. If I stick to the 10 go-to recipes, I get bored and want to eat out. So I've learned by mixing it up, I eat in more.

So what did Dave recommend? E-Mealz.

You have to at least go check it out.

What is so great about them is they have about 25 different meal plans you can choose from: meals for 2, meals for 5, meals for 7, low fat, points, low carb, and so on. I so wish I could've found this when I was single. Half the time I never cooked because of all the left overs.

What else do they give you?
-5 recipes a week (entree and sides)
-Cooking Instructions
-AND a shopping list! They make your shopping list for you!

It is so easy and it has been really fun.

So what are some examples of some meals we've been given the past 3 weeks (we have the low-fat meals for 2 plan)? Chicken w/ Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Sweet Potato Shepherd Pie, Black Bean Enchiladas, Ravioli Toss, Spicy Spring Chicken Pita w/ Hummus, Garlic & Rosemary Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Lasagna, Luau Pork Stir-Fry, Lemon Chicken Rigatoni, Pecan Encrusted Fish, Black and Blue Salad, Fish & Chips... and that's not even all of them! Oh and can I just add the food is GOOD. The recipes are so so so yummy! Like I feel like I could start a cooking show now.

So how does it save money? The reason why Dave endorses it E-Mealz is that if you have all meals planned out, you are less likely to eat out last minute. And if you have a shopping list, you are less likely to grab lots of random things at the store.

On top of that I started getting the Sunday paper and cut coupons while I watch my Lifetime Movies on Sunday afternoon (that's how I justify wasting that time). Last week I saved $7 from coupons-- that paid for the paper and the E-Mealz monthly subscription.

Let me know if you try it and what meal plan you do. Since you can switch the meal plan at any time, I am intrigued to see what the other meals are like.