A Must this Weekend for Houstonians.

If you don't know about the Greek Festival, you have been missing out for far too long.

My number one craving while I was pregnant was food from the Greek Festival. One problem: the Greek Festival takes place in October.

To be more specific, it takes place THIS VERY WEEKEND of October!

Chris has even taken a vacation day tomorrow so we can go have a family day there before the crowds hit. And then we plan to go back on Sunday too.

There will be no restrictions when it comes to the budget.
There will be no tracking Weight Watchers points.
And there will be no shame for the aforementioned facts.

You can thank me later for this Public Service Announcement. And trust me after just a bite of any of the food there, you will.

Random fact about me: The reason why I know about this festival and love it dearly is because I went to the school that hosts it from kindergarten through 8th grade-- Annunciation Orthodox School. I can still remember the incredible aroma that used to fill the courtyard during recess as the greek women prepared for the festival. No I am not Greek or Orthodox. Not sure why my parents picked that school. But I'm glad they did.