My BFF is a photographer

I know she is no stranger to you. It makes us laugh because she will have people say to her when they meet her, "Wait, Sarah Craig, like Sarah Craig of Fish Lips Photography?" I love it.

Sarah is my best friend. And she is a photographer. And I realized the other day that when I post about her it always has to do with photography. So I thought I'd tell you about some other things about Sarah.

She has the best laugh ever. Like full face, full body laugh.
She is such a loyal friend. Truly through thick and thin there for you.
She is honest. Sometimes painfully honest, but always truthful. 
She is available. Just ask, she would do anything for you.
She isn't above "I'm sorry," or "That was dumb of me."
She is genuine. Shockingly herself. Refreshingly herself. No pretense.
She loves God, in a non-check the box kind of a way.
She gives hugs that make everything feel better. 
She believes in her man and never mocks him at his expense.
She is an intentional mama bursting with love.
She makes you feel like your child might be her second favorite.
She would be anyone's friend, never knowing adults have cliques too.
She asks "How are you?" and waits for an answer.
She feels things, really feels her emotions and doesn't hide them.

But she is also a photographer.

And can I just say that it totally pays to have a photographer for a BFF. Because when you randomly hang out during the week and your photographer BFF gets a prop delivered and your child with eyes that glow in the dark is there, guess what? You get impromptu photoshoots.

And because of that you get shots like these:
Note: Both Sarah and I acknowledge the outfit was the wrong choice. We wanted to try something more traditional looking. And it looked so cute on in person. But in the pictures it looks a little Olan Mills circa 1985. And it just wasn't either of us. But the pics turned out good. 


So I say all this so you know who Sarah is other than a photographer. But also wanted another excuse to show off her photography, because it is truly art. And I also say all of this because, she is booking for Christmas card photo sessions for the fall already. Can you believe it is already that time? Well it is and so go get on it before it's all full.

Go to her website (, 
stalk her blog (, 
like her (Facebook
and follow her (@fishlipsphotog).
And fall in love with her because it would be hard not to.