My biggest (and unexpected) craving

With both pregnancies I've had some similar cravings.

I could eat a salad with or for every single meal of the day. Especially if it is a really yummy vinaigrette dressing. Which is fabulous since all my other cravings aren't so low calorie.

I could eat anything drenched in tabasco or just super spicy. I love eggs with tabasco sauce. I love wing flavored anything. I especially am obsessed with Chuy's creamy jalepeno sauce. When I sit down I just tell the waiter to keep them coming and that they might as well put a straw in it! ;) Thankfully (and suprisingly) I've never had pregnancy heartburn.

And on the days I'm really nauseous and getting sick I love a good cheeseburger or mexican food. Thankfully, since it's high in calories, last time this wore off right at 20 weeks. But I'm still getting sick with this pregnancy (yep, 29 weeks and still getting sick)! So bizarre.

But with both pregnancies I've had one very, very, very, very unusual craving.

Any guesses? 

Y'all it's lime flavored beer! Yep, not a typo, lime flavored beer.

Don't worry I haven't sampled it. And honestly, I don't even like beer when I'm not pregnant.

But I can hardly stand all these commercials! Being pregnant during baseball season is just torture! ;)

But the other day I saw a commercial and they just pushed my craving to a whole new level with this latest creation:

I literally screamed when I saw the commercial. Chris just covered his face and laughed hard at me.

What's the weirdest craving you've ever had? Doesn't have to be pregnancy, we all have cravings!