My Brother, the Revolutionary

One thing I have always loved about Nils is his ability to not just dream but bring about change. Seriously y'all he can do anything he sets his mind to. It annoyed me as a kid because I couldn't compete if I wanted to. It amazes and inspires me now.

A couple of months ago Nils transitioned to a new position in his church: Pastor for Online Community. Nils has a gift for seeing what could be in a place. Seriously ever where he has been he has made it better. He has a magic (really blessed) touch. He sees the ability something has, is able to see and utilize new resources and change it for the better.

The Baptist Standard and also the Associated Baptist Press caught wind of all that Nils has achieved in the few short months in the new position and look what they did... they wrote an article featuring his genius: read it here or here.

Also, you can learn more about Nils at his website: