My Fall Festival

My mom's favorite holiday is Halloween. She loves it. So every year we went all out on our costumes. We weren't allowed to buy the ones from the store. We had to be original. I'm sure those pictures would be so fun for you to see. But I thought I'd tell you about the funniest costume I ever had...

When I was eight Pretty Woman came out and for some reason it was my favorite movie. I know it's about a hooker. I was only 8, take that up with my parents. :) So I decided for Halloween I wanted to be Vivian. Not Vivian at the end of the movie, but Vivian on the cover of the movie.

I wasn't a Christian then and remember my parental influence's favorite holiday was Halloween. :) So I dressed up as Vivian on the cover: I rolled up a black skirt, twisted up a pink shirt, wore big hoop earrings, lots of lipstick and my mom's thigh high black boots!

The problem: It rained that Halloween. So we headed to Northwest Mall and trick-or-treated in the mall. But that was lame. So then my mom was determined to find us some fun. Driving back to the Heights we found a church that had a sign that said FREE candy and games. So we went in.

My first Fall Festival experience I went as a hooker. That's right. I walked into that place not realizing that dressing up as a hooker wasn't appropriate. Those sweet church members didn't know what they'd drag in with that "FREE" sign.

The cool thing: Now I am the director for the fall festival, First Fest, at my church, Houston's First Baptist Church. I'd love for all of you to come out tonight. It's $5 for church members and FREE to the community.

The Houston Chronicle interviewed me about it and wrote an article, check it out: