My Favorite Honeymoon Pictures

We had the most amazing honeymoon!!!!

It started with a night at the Hotel Icon in downtown Houston. Chris surprised me with THE PENTHOUSE SUITE!!!! Y'all there was an entry hallway to the room with a half bathroom, then you walk into the formal living room. To your left is a formal dining and then around the corner is the kitchenette. From the living room, to your right is the master suite! The room was huge and the bathroom is twice the size of my office (that's big). Our friends Jared and Shannon surprised us by putting candles and rose petals all over the room!! The hotel sent us chocolate covered strawberries. Jared and Shannon also put together a basket full of sparkling juice, champagne glasses, lotions, etc. It was such a great night!

Sadly though, we had to leavea t 4:30am the next morning to make our flight to St. Lucia!

When we landed in St. Lucia we then took an 1 1/2 bus ride to our resort. That sounds miserable, but it was really neat to get a tour of the island. So beautiful!!

We got to Sandals and they didn't have our room ready so they put us up in another room and gave us a $200 vouchure to the Spa!! Then later in the trip they put a $225 credit on our room to make up for the difference on the room.

We used that extra $200 to go on a day long excursion. We toured the island by catamaran (a party boat that has a big net in the middle that you sit on, so you feel like you are sitting on the water). We saw: the volcano, pitons, sulfur springs, rainforest, botanical gardens and we ate at a local restaraunt. It was awesome!

On our trip we felt like we had each gained 30 pounds. All the food was included and we took advantage of it!!!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the trip...

This was the view from our bed (I took it laying in bed so you would believe me).

Us on the catamaran

The Pitons and the most amazing clouds

Welcome to the Rainforest and Botanical Gardens...

The sunsets were amazing there. You just watch the sun fall off the horizon. I've never seen anything like it before.

At Sandals you can all the sporting equipment is included. So one day we rented this catamaran. Chris sailed it through the ocean. It was so much fun!!!

The craziest part of this is that when we landed back on the beach some lady asked us, "Did y'all feel the earthquake?" Assume she was highly intoxicated we just smiled. Then we found out from one of the workers at Sandals that the island next to us had a 7.5 earthquake and the tremors were felt very strong on our island. Crazy since the tour guide at the volcano the day before said there was nothing to worry about since there hadn't been an earthquake in years.

We had such an amazing time in St. Lucia... thank you SO MUCH to Chris' parents!!!