My Grown Up Purse

This past Saturday I got my first grown up purse.

The reason why it is my first is because I love change. So I have NEVER been able to justify spending a lot of money on a purse that I'm not going to want in a few months anyway. But I decided the other day that it was time. Time to grow up. Plus I realized that in a year I probably spent as much at Target and Charming Charlie when you add up all my cheap purses. Plus I had my left over Christmas money that was just begging to be spent and I knew my mother-in-law, Tammy would love for me to buy a purse with my gift card! I love finally having a "mom" that loves shopping as much as I do!

Chris deserves a MAJOR THANK YOU for spending a rainy Saturday afternoon walking in and out of EVERY store that could possibly have purses in the Galleria. After being there for hours and finding nothing, I was ready to leave.

You see I love and utilize (I almost put need, I know I don't need it) a big purse. I wanted real leather (love the smell and was sick of the fake kind peeling all the time). Since I carry so much stuff around (might be the reason for the back problems), I also need a purse with lots of compartments.

So... slightly disappointed we decided it was time to go home. Seriously, how could I not find a single purse I liked in the entire Galleria?! Let me rephrase, a single purse I liked that didn't cost a month's car payment. As we were leaving I spotted the Nord (as Nancy has named it), also known as Nordstrom for less frequent shoppers. Since Nancy is an adopted mom by choice, I knew I should do my mother proud and at least see what they have to offer. I was thrilled that they were having a 40% off sale on purses-- I love it when stores spring clean. For a classic purse who cares what season it's from! After much rummaging, this is what I found:

First, you should know, it's way cuter in person. It genuine brown leather and has leopard print on the inside (Chris hates that part, but I think it's way cute). I knew it was the purse for me the moment I saw it.

What I confirmed while shopping: Having an exact idea of what you want makes shopping REALLY difficult. Poor Chris! But... I will say, I did a really good job of being patient. Typically I would have settled for one of the other purses that were ok because I was just ready to get a new purse. Thankfully Chris can tell that I didn't really love any of those.

But my eyes lit up when I found this one. :)