My Interview: Answered 3 Questions

Y'all have heard me talk many times before about my brother, Nils. And I've shared some about what he does professionally. We are super close as family but also love that our professional lives overlap from time to time too! Nils is a revolutionary in using social media for ministry and professional opportunities. I'm not just saying that because he is my brother either! Y'all he is publishing his first book this year and is interviewed all the time. I'll stop there, but you know I could go on and on and on...

He is starting a new series on his blog where he is asking various leaders in ministry 3 questions. I nearly sobbed, fell over in disbelief and definitely grinned so big when he asked me to kick it off. Between him and Chris I could not be a more believed in woman called to love and serve and teach and lead and walk alongside other women.

So please hop on over to his website and 

And if you are in ministry or have a heart for it in any way, be sure to keep checking back in with his site. Nils knows so many people in ministry with different paths and places of influence, so you won't want to miss what his other interviewees have to say.