My Name is Becky and

I've been a bad blogger. Not just bad, but really bad.

Please promise me you will forgive me. 

I hate making excuses, but I thought I could share at least the reason... The past month has just been one of those months. Dealing with lots of things. Had the crud for TWO WEEKS now! So ready for it to be gone for good. And had some family in town which keeps me off the computer.

Now I am off to finish the laundry and put it all away.
Does anyone else despise laundry like me? 
Seriously, I have a full on hate relationship with it.  I can get it out of the hamper and lay things out ready to hang and put away. But they can lay like that for days. I despise folding and hanging things up. I don't know what my deal is.
But it must be done. I got pooped on twice yesterday and need a clean pair of jeans.

My life is so glamorous, huh? *wink* May not be glamorous but I sure do love it.

I just wanted to hop on here real quick and let you know that I miss you. I am sorry for my absence. I have been working on Karis' 7 Month Birthday post (will be up as soon as I can get some pictures snapped). And some other posts have been brewing too. So I'll be around more. I promise.

What are your plans for the weekend? (I'll share mine in the comments.)