My Song this Past Week

There are times in life where you can't even find the right words to pray other than "Please God.... For your glory... Have your way... Bring healing... Please Lord... A miracle..."

As you can imagine this week was one of those for me. A moment in my life I knew the outcome wasn't in my hands at all, but His. A moment where faith is truly tested.

Because of that I am so thankful for the Smith Band (Stephen and Star Smith) for their song: "Strong in the Lord:"

(Note: the person that created this youtube video made it for a friend apparently, so there are written comments to her friend before and after the song starts)

This song has been playing on repeat in my head the past few days. When I would start to wonder what the outcome would be, how Karis was doing, if we were about to have a preemie, what the results would show... all of it, I would just sing it.

It is an honest confession. One I know as a parent I will sing again and again... and again.

I hope today that whatever you are going through that you will be comforted knowing that as a Christian there is a strength great than your own fighting for you.