Need Books on Disciplining

Dear teachers, parents, aunt/uncles, grandparents... basically, all lovers of children,

We are at that stage of parenting where we need to seriously consider what we are going to do for discipline.

So far she's been a baby and just been exploring. If she does something that she shouldn't (isn't safe or we don't want her doing), we always say, "No" and then remove her from what she's doing and distract. So far that has worked enough.

But now I can tell that she understands "no" and knows/remembers when she shouldn't do certain things. She will point at things that she shouldn't touch (like an iPhone), look at me and say, "no." She will also climb into her baby chair and look at me with a "look what I'm about to do, what are you going to do about it" look and then stand up (a big no-no).

So she is starting to deliberately disobey.
Which means: we need to start some form(s) of discipline for disobedience.

Please send me any book recommendations or websites that have helped you in the process.

Thanks friends!