Need Recommendations for Christmas Traditions Interview Series

I know, I know I'm totally pulling the same card that all the stores are doing... preparing for a a holiday before we get to the one that is next. Anyone else so irritated that stores take things down and put up the next holiday so quickly? 

So I apologize if this irritates you at all. Does it help that I'm slightly irritated that I'm talking about Christmas when it's just October 1st? ;)
Remember last Fall's Christmas Traditions Interview Series? If you didn't check it out then, be sure to check it out now, click here
I am looking for more women to interview for this series. If you know of someone that you really respect or admire, please comment or email me their information and I will see about interviewing them.
Is there another question you'd like me to ask? I ask all the interviewees the same questions. So let me know if you'd like me to throw in a new question! 
Can't wait to hear back from you!