Needed: Book Recommendations

Whether you are doing The Book Club or not, please comment with some book recommendations.

Any kind of book is accepted-- fiction, non-fiction, christian, best seller, self-help, autobiographical, etc. We are open to all kinds here.

What I would like to hear from you:
1. Name of Book
2. Why--
-If you read the book, why you liked it.
-If you haven't read it but want to, what you heard about it that made you interested.

If there seem to be several books that people want to do or recommend and it's a toss up, on Thursday, Jan 13th I'll post the books and wait for your comments to choose.

On Saturday, January 15th I will post the book we will read starting February 1st.

Some very fun news that goes along with this-- Carolyn O'Neal, the Women's Director at Houston's First asked to host the first Book Club gathering! So that will be a ton of fun and we will probably do April or May sometime. I'll keep you posted!

Have no clue what I'm talking about? We are doing a Book Club on the blog. More details on THIS BLOG POST.