Never Again will I watch Bones

Yesterday was a fantastic day! I taught in Oxygen that morning then headed out to Splendora for my Dad's church's 30th anniversary. One of the best things about this church is the potluck lunches that they host. Oh. My. Goodness! You can just imagine that I took full advantage of "eating for two" yesterday. :) Also, Karis got lots and lots of love from all the lovely ladies there.

So when does Bones come into it? Hold on, I'm getting there.

Then we spent the day at my parent's house for some quality family time with them and my Mamaw and Papaw. Spent some time having "Big Talk" (this is what my Papaw calls family time where we get straight to the important things and he gives us advice). I love this time. After that I put my hot self (literally, I am hot all the time now) in the pool for an hour or so. After that Dad suggested we order some pizza and wings. Yum! (By the way, I decided I'm not stepping on the scale today.)

After that my parents asked us if we had ever seen Bones. I asked them, "Is it scary?" They assured me that it wasn't at all, that it was more diagnosis type show and really intersesting.

I asked if it was scary because I scare REALLY easily.

By really easily I mean that when I was in Middle School and had watched The Little Mermaid, I got scared during the shark scene because I thought I heard someone break into our house (my parents had ran to the store for literally 15 minutes). Turns out it was just our dogs playing upstairs. But the cops (who of course I had called) didn't take the situation lightly.

Needless to say, I haven't changed. If I watch an intense episode of House I still have to watch a light-hearted romantic comedy before I can go to bed. Weird I know.

So after my parents assured me it was fine, we agreed to watch it.


Last night I had 3 nightmares. I have learned my lesson to not allow myself to watch anything sort of scary now that I'm pregnant. Because you remember ALL your dreams and you have tons of them because you are up every hour (no joke) to go to the restroom.

P.S. Chris even said that he is in trouble because at one point I even woke myself up screaming: "No! NO! NO!" He slept right through it. I don't think I'm going to be able to count on him during those midnight feedings. :)