A New High & A New Low

So Friday I might have experienced a new high and a new low for me.

I'll start with the low... it's always more fun to end with a high, agreed?
*Note: If you are easily grossed out (like when I wrote my Valentine's blog), just skip to the HIGH.

So my morning sickness has improved significantly. I am still nauseous till about noon, but only getting sick (that's the nice way of saying puking) about once a week. Score! Like I've said before, don't hear me complaining. I am thankful for it all and know many people that would do anything to be sick. Not to mention that it is daily reassurance that a baby is still growing in me.

Well Friday started like most days: I woke up feeling pretty queasy and decided to take it easy for a bit on the couch. Made my breakfast of champions: Ginger Ale and Saltines. Yum. Not but 5 minutes later my head was hanging over the toilet. It catches me off guard now that it's only once a week. And I had gotten really used to Chris being home to take care of me on the weekends.

Afterward I made it back to the couch to rest up. Then decided it was time to get ready-- I had an appointment with the OB that day. I thought a shower would help me feel more refreshed... it didn't. Ten minutes after I got out of the shower I was hanging my towel wrapped head over the toilet again. Gross, I'm sorry. But bonus is that I am making it to the toilet again. Double bonus since Chris isn't home during the week.

After that I thought: How in the world am I going to drive myself to my doctor's office? So I called Chris to see if there was any way he could be my chauffeur. Of course he did (best bosses ever!) and came right home to care for his wife and baby. He is, hands down, the best nurse/doctor. Letting him take care of me has caused me to love him and respect and admire him even more.

We went to the doctor... more to come.

Then we got in the car. If you live in Houston and have ever driven through the Med Center, you know those roads are MIS.E.RA.BLE! I immediately pulled out my trash bag (yes, I keep one in my purse now). The further we went the worse it got. Chris kept asking, "Do you want me to pull over?" "No, just keep driving." You see we were on our way to purchase our camera and I didn't want to miss out on that.

Then I knew I couldn't hold it back anymore. And the thing I had feared since I started having morning (really all day) sickness happened: I threw up in the car. Praise God from whom all blessings flow that I had a trash bag!!

Just as I was... ahem... finishing up, Chris pulled into the parking lot of the camera store. He ran in to get me a fresh bag and some napkins. He said the store went into full on panic mode when he said, "my wife is pregnant and needs a bag and some napkins" (poor things probably thought I was in labor). So after I cleaned up, we went in to buy our camera. Two different people in the store walked up to me and said: "It's probably not a good time, but congrats on the baby." I reassured them that this is the perfect time to say it. I couldn't be more thankful.

OK, let's end with a fabulous HIGH:

If you made it through all that, can I just say I'm proud of you. Remember half the reason I write this blog is so we can remember things and our kids will have a snap shot of our life. Details like those are important I feel like even though they are gross. :)

So the high came in the middle of the lows...

Like I said I had an appointment at the OB. Every time you go in they let you listen to the heartbeat. That sound changes my life every time. This time Chris was a genius and decided to record the noise on our iPhone (so we have it recorded, just haven't figured out how to post it).

It was the most incredible noise I have ever heard in my entire life. We have both replayed it a million times in the past 24 hours and just marvel at the life that is growing inside my belly.

Speaking of my belly, another high (but not near as high) was that my doctor said that I need to not worry about gaining weight this pregnancy. I feel like I am about 25lbs overweight. He said he didn't agree and that he thinks an average weight gain of 25-30lbs would be totally appropriate for me.

That just made me feel good. You know what I mean? It just makes you feel good to have a medical professional tell you that you are fine. And since I've lost 6lbs since I've been pregnant, that means next week on the cruise, I am letting myself go for a week. And he said that for that week I can eat as much seafood as my heart desires. I love him. And I really love him for the prescriptions he wrote me for my continued nausea.