Next week I get:

the crib in AND the baby bedding!!!

Just a minute ago the doorbell rang and I saw a UPS truck drive off and I thought just maybe the bedding arrived early. Instead our personalized return address stamp had. I could finally justify the expense with all the thank you cards, announcements, etc. that will be going out in the next year.

Decorating is one of my favorite things to do (I'm not magazine worthy, but it's something I enjoy doing for sure). So next week I get to start decorating my little girl's room!

Everyone has been asking me what I'm going to do and what the theme will be. I don't have an answer. This has been to the dismay of all my shower hosts since they were hoping to bring the room theme into the shower theme. The best I can say is modern vintage with shades of blues and teals, greens, browns and creams with splashes of pinks (just cause). Not so much a baby theme, but she's not going to remember it, I am. :)

So I'm just going to go one step at a time. Once we get the crib and bedding in, then we will start making decisions on paint (not sure if we are going to) and curtains (a must with the amount of light that room gets).

Thankfully while Chris hates the shopping process (more just from a budget standpoint) he always appreciates the final product (unless it involves an unnecessary amount of accent pillows).

Oh and don't worry friends, pictures will definitely be a part of the process so you can all have a peak at the room.