No Diabetes, but I am Sick

I got my test results back from the Gestational Diabetes Test: NEGATIVE! So bring on the chocolate!!! (Sarah Craig, don't you think Ryan should make me a celebratory bowl of Death by Chocolate? Just sayin'.)

Can I just say that all the drama/hype around that test is way overrated. It was nothing. Would I be gross to say that I even kind of liked it? Seriously it tastes just like Sunkist.

What I didn't like: the waiting room. For three very specific reasons:

1. I hate waiting rooms in general. I can feel the germs crawling all over me. I want to take a shower in anti-bacterial gel the whole time I'm there.

2. The guy that sat next to me (and didn't fit in his chair if you know what I mean), fell asleep and had the world's loudest snore and had major spasms every time he fell asleep.

3. A family came in with their aunts, uncles, 4 kids, etc. (not exaggerating). To entertain themselves they played tejano music as loud as possible on a phone. I just don't understand.

How's that for a compassionate spirit? ;)

Yesterday was a great day, but I started feeling sick that afternoon. My throat was on fire and my fever was climbing higher by the hour. So this morning I went to the doc and I have some bacterial infection. The good news is this can be treated by antibiotics (and they have antibiotics that are safe for the baby)!

So I am sentenced to the couch and Chris is working from home to play nurse. And he is really good at it. I hate being forced to do nothing.