No Expectations

This blog post isn't about parenting, but it does start with the best parenting advice I have EVER received. So hang with me.

Gina Webster* has become one of my very favorite people, someone I simply prefer. She is godly to the core of who she is and wants Jesus like nothing else. She is just one of those people you love being around. She makes me giggle like I'm 7 years old on the playground with my very best friend.

But she gave me the best advice I have received as a mom (and if you are a mom, you know you received A LOT of advice-- both solicited and not).

"Every morning I wake up and
for my baby, other than for him to be a baby."

Isn't that incredible?

I can't tell you how many times this has saved me from losing my mind.
When I simply expect Karis to be a baby, my whole day is different and I enjoy this mommy thing so much more.
I can accept the following because she's a baby and sometimes babies do this: when she cries for no reason, when she doesn't stick on her "schedule," when feedings don't go good, when we are on the third outfit of the day (for both of us) before noon, ... I could go on and on.

That piece of advice has made me enjoy mommyhood, and more than anything, enjoy Karis so much more.

Now it's not that I don't have dreams or hopes or even goals. This isn't about throwing those things out of the window, but it's not letting the outcome affect me... and ultimately us (me and Karis).

But lately I've been thinking...
What if I could apply this to the rest of my life?
What if you could too?
How different would, well, everything be?

Friends wouldn't let us down.
Family wouldn't disappoint us.
Heroes wouldn't fall.
Money wouldn't make it all better.
Our bodies wouldn't betray us. ;)

And we would embrace some facts of life...
Rain will make our hair frizzy.
Houston will never have winter.
You can't will traffic to move.
You will hit every red light when you need to apply mascara.
Chinese Buffets will require Pepto.
Snooze buttons will not bring more rest.

I'm still chewing on this whole idea. But I think my life would be so much be more enjoyed by me (and those around me) if I would let go of my expectations.
Still dream. Still set goals. Yes, those are good things.
But expect from things what they really can provide.
And realize that nothing outside of Christ can every truly satisfy.

*Side-note about Gina: If you went to the Women's Retreat at Houston's First, that's how you know her-- she was the one that spoke during one of the mini-sessions. She is leading a study this semester on Pastor Gregg's book on Thursdays. HERE are the details.