No sympathy from the OB

Today we had our appointment with our OB. Can I just say how much I love my doctor and his whole staff?! If you need an OB in Houston, shoot me an email because you have to check mine out.

The most traumatizing part of the whole appointment is that you have to pee in a cup. This might be TMI for the world wide web, but I'm gonna say it anyway. The whole pee in a cup thing is totally disgusting. It was disgusting before I got pregnant, but now it's near impossible. How in the world are you supposed to see if you are making it into the cup when you literally have a basketball sized uterus?!

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

The good news is the best part comes after you do that... you get to hear the heart beat! Oh I wish that they let you sit there for hours. Lynn (the nurse) was just saying how this is her favorite part of her job and she let it go for really long time. Thankfully as soon as she placed the wand thing on my tummy you could hear Karis' heart beat thudding away. But what was really funny was that the heart beat kept fading in and out. I say funny because Lynn said: "Can you tell how much she is moving around? See I haven't moved at all but the heart beat keeps coming in and out. You have a busy girl on your hands!" Oh no, yet again more confirmation that Karis might be a mini me of her momma! You can start praying for Chris right away.

Two more fun parts of the appointment and then I'll let you go...

So my doctor always hangs for a while and shares info about where I am in the pregnancy and what is going on and then sits patiently while I ask all my questions. I'm a curious person so there are always questions. At one point I was telling him about how I've started swelling and had to take my rings off the other day when I was outside for a while. Well at one point he touched my ankle and then squeezed it and said: "I have no sympathy for your swelling. That's the tiniest pregnancy ankle you could possible have!"

Ok, last thing. When I leave I always make my next appointment with the sweetest nurse ever. She told me that my next appointment will need to be in 3 weeks! Yep I've moved up to 3 weeks! I almost screamed I was so excited. Since she saw how happy that made me she added, then after that you'll come every other week! Hooray!

Am I the weirdest pregnant girl ever?