Thankful no.18 Decorating for Christmas

I know this tends to be a big item of debate. Those with opinions hold fast to their position and tend to be quite passionate about it. Seriously, some take it too far and you'd think this was a presidential debate.


I love Christmas time. Truly love it. AND I also really love Thanksgiving. To me they just overlap and that is what is so sweet about it. I don't think decorating for Christmas takes away from Thanksgiving. I think it enhances the whole holiday season. This whole time of year just makes me giddy.

When Chris and I first got married we decorated our house on November 1st.

Wait, before you judge us, hear me out. We both come from divorced families so the holidays were like we were going on tour. Those first 2 years (pre-baby or pregnancy) we were gone 3 of 5 weeks. So if I was even going to see a lit tree, we had to start early. If it makes you feel better we didn't do the outside till after Thanksgiving. And by outside I mean the lone wreath hanging on the door.

We've pushed back decorating the last few years to the week before Thanksgiving. So that way the house is all done when we come home.

Last night we made a trip to Garden Ridge to get a few more things. Karis even got a mini hot pink tree for her room (I couldn't resist). When we got home we made hot chocolate and put on It's a Wonderful Life.

Anyone else on Pintrest? I keep telling Chris how much money we are saving by all this Pintrest projects. He keeps reminding me that it's not money saved when you are spending money. But they have so many great ideas!!!

One more fun decoration I got this year: A custom wreath by Erin DuBroc with Sassy Sparrow. Here is the link one she did last year. As soon as I saw it I told Chris, create a separate budget category for me for next year, because I have to have one!

OK, so when do you decorate? What is your logic behind that date?

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