Thankful no.2 Ranch Dressing

Like I said these posts are in no particular order to remove all pressure...

Y'all I love ranch dressing. I am a firm believer that ranch really could go on just about everything and make it taste better.

I love going to restaurants and asking for an extra side of ranch. In all honestly the taste will be a huge factor of whether or not I come back. I can respect a place that can pull off a really tasty homemade ranch dressing. And I can spot it a mile away when it is out of one of those giant plastic tubs bought from Sam's Club.

When I did Weight Watchers and found out how many points it was, I still wasn't willing to sacrifice it. I still worked around my points to ensure I could put ranch on the items that called for dipping or dressing.

So that is my totally silly thing of thankfulness, yet it totally makes me happy.

What's your favorite dipping sauce?

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