Thankful no.4 Being Outside

I could never live in the country. Nothing against those that do, but it's just not for me. And while I love all things city-- shopping, museums, theater, my friends and church-- I also wouldn't say I'm a city girl either. Because my favorite thing to do in the city is find a good park. It doesn't matter what season it is since I was 16 if I didn't have a place I had to be you could find me at a park on a blanket with a book. I've introduced lots of friends and my hubby to this joy.

Well having a baby really made that complicated. So we've gotten a bit more creative. I've found new parks that are safer for a mom and baby. I've found more walking trails then places to park it. Places that aren't so secluded and more surrounded.

My mom's religion is nature. She experiences something spiritual by being outdoors. She says she feels closer to god outdoors.

And I agree. I feel closer to God being surrounded by beauty and creation.
It renews my faith.
It strengthens my faith.
It confirms that He is in control and can make my life more beautiful than I could on my own.

One of my favorite places is the Houston Zoo. The membership is so cheap y'all. And it is so much fun. I've been pushing Karis around there since before she could even roll over. And today she walked around with all her big kid friends-- Everett Dubroc, Elizabeth Craig and Aubrey Bradford.

Yep that monkey kisser her right on the lips! My little girl LOVES kissing on the lips and big puckers!

(Yet again it pays to have a BFF as a photographer. You can see her full post with all the pics here.) 

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