Thankful no.5 Preparing to Teach

I really do love the preparation as much if not even more than actually teaching. 

Teaching consistently for a Sunday School class or when I was chaplain for Phi Lamb is so different than preparing for a one or few time teaching session(s). But both options I love the preparation. 

When I teach some where long term I have always gone through a book of the Bible. And we tear up verses one by one. Taking a year to finish Galatians or Ephesians, and even just a year on Colossians 3. But it was so good to learn the specific concepts at depth. 

And then teaching somewhere one time usually comes from what the Lord is teaching me in my life. Sometimes is it something random that must just be a special word for that group of women. But either way, I love the journey of putting the lesson together. 
I love discovering what the focus verses will be. 
I love reading them in every translation I can. 
I love looking up the definitions in greek and websters. 
I love looking at all verses that relate to the topic.
I love reading the commentaries. 
I love seeing the points come together. 
I love thinking of what stories and analogies are applicable. 
I love putting together discussion questions and final challenges. 
I love praying for the women for the Lord to reveal to me what is needed for them specifically. 
I love running through the lesson and visioning the ladies faces. That is my favorite.

I love the preparation. 

Which is so funny y'all, because I hated studying in school. Like didn't do it because I hated it so much. Not so hot for the GPA... but, thankfully, I still graduated. Only half kidding. 

It's crazy how the Lord changes you when He calls you to something. How he gives you a love for it. And because I'm not a natural at studying or speaking, I know it's of Him. And for that I am thankful. 

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