Nusery Pics: Still a Work in Progress

Chris' mom, Tammy/Grammy, was in town this weekend for my first shower and we got a lot more done on the nursery. The game plan was to have it all done before she got here, but then we had a minor set back with the whole hospital stay. But I think she enjoyed getting to be a part of it and setting things up together.

Note: This is still a work in progress. Also, again I took the pics with my iPhone, so the quality is pretty whomp whomp. But as a lot of moms say, "You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit." ;)

Here is the crib area:

Our good friend, Clay Folloder, went and picked up the crib for us once I was admitted to the hospital. It had come in and we had been trying to figure out how to get it and he gave us a great surprise by taking care of it while we were there. Big relief to have that now! I have coveted this mobile from Pottery Barn kids for a year now, before I was even pregnant. Sarah has it in her little girl's room and I just had to have it too! Lucky for her, I won't have to steal theirs now. ;) Thankfully one of the fabrics we chose (let's be honest, I chose) happened to have butterflies on it and I didn't even know it. So it was just meant to be. I'll have to take some more pics of the bedding up close for you, we are so thrilled with it!

The sitting area:

This is my favorite place in the whole house. I literally spend at least an hour a day, probably more just looking around her room and reading and praying. This chair is easily the world's most comfortable chair. You can see some of the butterflies on the quilt on the back of the chair. The curtains look black, but they are teal.

The dresser/changing station area:

Marshall's Home Goods was having 50% off sale on wall decor, so we got this mirror for only $20! I'll take a better pic up close but it has a really funky texture to it. Still waiting to get the changing pad and cover. You can't tell it, but there is a glass bowl next to the lamp for Karis' fish-- what kid doesn't love fish?

Karis' Play Area:

First off, this wall we are painting a moss green. Again, something else that was on the to-do list last week. That white thing on the floor is this chair from Pottery Barn, still trying to figure out which cover we want that will go with the other fabric and colors in the room (we had gotten one, but it didn't work). Above that we are going to do a chalk board frame. Then above that filling in most of the wall, Pamela Hamza with Stuck on the Word is going to put Karis' verse on the wall (we are redeeming our wedding gift from her after 3 years!).

So still a work in progress, but we are MUCH further along now and I am feeling less antsy about things. Now showers have started and we are filling in the missing pieces-- getting some other necessities and getting a ton of really cute girl stuff too!

We have been feeling overwhelmed by the outpouring of love by our friends and family. I feel like I finally understand why it always means so much to parents when people love on their kids and do special things for them. My heart is further warmed by people seeing how they love my baby girl too. When they talk about how excited they are for her coming, or how much they love her, or what they are going to do with her, I just melt inside.