Oh Mr. Pharmacist

I've always wondered about Pharmacists. Did they go to school? If so, for how long? What other credentials do they need?

The one I happen to know personally is a genius, so he always makes me question what I tend to experience. On top of that he is hilarious. When you ask him what he does for a living he says, "I'm a drug dealer." But I digress...

I know there are all levels of pharmacists too. My only experience is usually with the corner Walgreens. Probably not real high on the totem pole of pharmacists. But again, I know nothing about this field.

After my experience in the L&D on Monday night, I went first thing Tuesday morning to fill my prescription. I walked in and handed them my prescription and this was the conversation for the next 15 minutes:

Pharmacist: I noticed that the doctor didn't write your name on the prescription, do you happen to have anything else from them that would include the Rx and your name?

Me: Ughh.. really? No I don't.

Pharmacist: Well then we won't be able to fill this prescription for you.

Me: (so disappointed and reminding myself "this isn't his fault... this isn't his fault) Would there be anyway you could call the hospital. I was in labor and delivery last night for contractions and they wrote it and told me to start it first thing this morning. Could you call them to confirm it?

P: Well I guess I could do that. Hold on.

Me: (Wait for at least 5 minutes before he makes the call. I've learned that if I start leaning on things or rub my belly people move faster. So of course I started that.)

P: (picks up phone to call and says to nurse) I have a Rebecca Kiser in here filling a prescription that she was given last night by Dr. _____ and the doctor left her name off the prescription.

Nurse: (must have asked something)

P: She was there last night to have her baby.

Me: (What? Did he really just say that) (put both my hands around my VERY LARGE belly) Sir, I didn't have my baby last night, I was just there to stop contractions.

P: Oh, she didn't have her baby, she was just there....

This wasn't the tech, this was the pharmacist.

You know, the one that distributes medications to people that can save their life,... or if not paid careful attention to, can end it.

So I was totally confused that when I was in his Pharmacy just hours after I said I was in L&D for contractions that he would assume that, in the 8 gap of time, I had already had my baby and checked myself out of the hospital and was standing here filling a prescription.

To the man's credit, he really did mean well. Thankfully I didn't get frustrated and knew that none of it was his fault. And he was able to get my prescription filled by that afternoon.