Ok, I'm finally giving in...

I've been hearing for months and months about this Pioneer Woman. Honestly it was so much that I was already annoyed by her and wanted nothing to do with checking out her blog.

One day a month or so ago I went to her blog and there were so many options that I got overwhelmed and x-ed it out.

Well finally after my friend, Sarah, made the most delicious cinnamon rolls I thought I might have a When Harry Met Sally moment and then my other friend, Ally, made rolls that I thought would finally get me to start putting on the pregnancy pounds, I decided today to give it one last try because turns out the were the Pioneer Woman's recipes.

Y'all I am an idiot for being so judgmental. Her blog is awesome-- funny, captivating, informative, you name it. She has incredible photography on there too and great photography tips (BTW: We decided on the Canon Rebel T2 and picked it up Friday). And she has some really fabulous recipes too.

So for you ladies bored at work or needing a break at home, take a minute and check her out.