One Hot Mama... Still!

On Saturday I started feeling so much better (I've had this bug that has been hanging on for dear life). So later that afternoon I had to break out of the house for some errands-- I was going StIr CrAzY!! So Chris and I went to get a few things for Karis' nursery (will post pics soon).

We came home so excited ready to set a few things up. But when we walked in the front door it hit us like a brick wall.

What do you ask hit us?

Heat, my friends. Suffocating heat. It was most definitely hotter inside our house than inside.

Not. A. Good. Sign.

Since it was Saturday night there wasn't much we could do. But the next day our dear friends, the Craigs, told us we must come stay with them. So we took them up on it till we could get someone to come out. Well yesterday we tracked our AC guy and it got fixed right away! So we moved back home.

However, when we walked in the door it had cooled down to 76, but when we were heading to bed it had already climbed to 78. Uggghhhhhhhhhh.

Thankfully, it hasn't climbed above 78 (but there hasn't been any real heat yet). And thankfully, the AC will be here within the hour to check out what is going on. Hopefully he will be able to fix it and quickly and cheaply because the third trimester and no AC doesn't go hand-in-hand very well.

P.S. We had so many friends offer for us to come stay with them. We were just overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. You have no idea.

Update: The AC guy just left and it is fixed!!!!! Oh the cool air has never felt so good! :)